Growing out a Buzzcut: Part 2

Since the end of October, I have been growing out a buzz cut. Read the first post here.

I wrote the first post in mid December, on a snowy day. Here I am now, on another snowy day in late January, wondering what else there is to say.

People around me are pretty much used to the hair now. That said, I have had a few more compliments now it is getting a bit longer and starting to look different again.

Look at all that hair!

When I shaved my head in February 2017, I only let it grow to this sort of “dandelion clock” phase, and then bought some clippers to bring it back into some sort of order and resume my long-on-top, short-back-and-sides style.

We have now well and truly past the dandelion stage. My hair is getting LONG. I feel like it is getting to the irritating stage I have been dreading – the unkempt, teenage boy who wants to look like he’s in a metal band, hair in my eyes stage. Yay.

So far all it does in confuse me by brushing my neck and making me wonder if I have some sort of scarf on, or brush my ears, and make me panic, thinking a spider is climbing inside.

I am still ever thankful for hats.

Yet another hat look
The thing is, I am mainly too lazy to do anything with it, other than comb it behind my ears and into some sort of order. I am not “girly” enough for cute headbands and bows – they just don’t really suit my style.

Mainly I just wear a hat all the time – happily one is part of my work uniform.

I did put some product in it for new year, which I think looked quite nice – it was flattened behind my ears and spiked up a bit on top.

An attempt at hair for NYE
Perhaps as the length gets more annoying, I will make more effort to tame it!


Growing out a Buzzcut: Part 1

Back at the end of October, I shaved my head. This was partially for the wonderful Teenage Cancer Trust, to raise money for the work they do as well as for an amazing Halloween costume – Eleven from Stranger Things!

Me as Eleven

I shaved my head earlier in the year, mainly to see what it looked like, but I was away in New Zealand, so nobody knew me without a shaved head and I rarely looked in mirrors on my travels and when I worked on a farm there. As soon as it got too long, I shaved the back and sides and returned to my previous haircut.

This time, I am back in Birmingham, with a job and normal life going on around me. I have also decided to grow my hair back to long.

Actually long.

I shaved my hair to 12mm and it has already grown (in six weeks) to around 40mm!

So it has felt different. At home, I spend a lot of time in front of a mirror, so I got used to my new look very quickly. Despite the fact that I don’t wear make up to work and I am generally a very confident person when it comes to my appearance, I feel more obliged to wear make up and dangly earrings to make some effort to look more feminine.

I think this is most likely due to the fact that I am quite masculine anyway and I get mistaken for a lesbian a lot. This isn’t directly a problem – but if someone I would like to date is assuming I am not interested in their gender at all, it isn’t convenient.

Not that that has happened, but you never know.

I suppose it is also partly because some people tend to be overly wary/ intimidated by particularly masculine girls and get somehow offended by a girl who is not obviously feminine. While I don’t care about this that much, I would rather not be hounded by people telling me I look “like a man” or I look “too masculine” with the short hair.

But honestly, all of this is in my mind, because everyone who has seen my before and after hair has been very complimentary. Apparently, it suits my face.

This is what I remind myself of every time I lament how a new spot can’t be easily hidden or when I feel unattractive.

Practically, short hair is both good and bad. It dries in a heartbeat, which is ideal for someone who is always late and hates early mornings. It also requires zero maintenance.

That said, I chose the wrong winter to do this *looks out at the nine inches of snow*.

Hats are my friends

Now that I am growing it out, it has reached the uncomfortably long stage and I know it will only get “worse” from here – at least for sixth months or so. So now begins phase two: attempting to style out the weird things my hair does as it grows back to shoulder length and beyond. Hopefully I have enough hair products!

The first attempt at styling my rapidly growing hair!