Growing out a Buzzcut: Part 2

Since the end of October, I have been growing out a buzz cut. Read the first post here.

I wrote the first post in mid December, on a snowy day. Here I am now, on another snowy day in late January, wondering what else there is to say.

People around me are pretty much used to the hair now. That said, I have had a few more compliments now it is getting a bit longer and starting to look different again.

Look at all that hair!

When I shaved my head in February 2017, I only let it grow to this sort of “dandelion clock” phase, and then bought some clippers to bring it back into some sort of order and resume my long-on-top, short-back-and-sides style.

We have now well and truly past the dandelion stage. My hair is getting LONG. I feel like it is getting to the irritating stage I have been dreading – the unkempt, teenage boy who wants to look like he’s in a metal band, hair in my eyes stage. Yay.

So far all it does in confuse me by brushing my neck and making me wonder if I have some sort of scarf on, or brush my ears, and make me panic, thinking a spider is climbing inside.

I am still ever thankful for hats.

Yet another hat look
The thing is, I am mainly too lazy to do anything with it, other than comb it behind my ears and into some sort of order. I am not “girly” enough for cute headbands and bows – they just don’t really suit my style.

Mainly I just wear a hat all the time – happily one is part of my work uniform.

I did put some product in it for new year, which I think looked quite nice – it was flattened behind my ears and spiked up a bit on top.

An attempt at hair for NYE
Perhaps as the length gets more annoying, I will make more effort to tame it!


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