Zoe Morton Design: And So The Adventure Begins

I have decided to start my own Interior Design Company.

I know. It’s ambitious.

There’s a face that most people make when I tell them that this is what I am doing. This face says “That won’t work.”. What they say is different, ranging from “Wow! That’s amazing!” to asking questions that subtly hint at their obvious concern for the success of my dreams.

It’s difficult to see that people don’t believe I can make it work. Although, that said, I don’t blame them for thinking that way, it is a big risk and a huge undertaking. It may come as a surprise to some that I know that it may not work.

Sometimes, I don’t even believe it could.

This is likely due to the fact that most businesses fail and the economic climate of the world isn’t great right now. The reasons it may not work are beyond my control.

I have never been the kind of person who goes for the safe option. I like to go with the flow of life, making important decisions with the heart.

I didn’t apply for any other sixth forms, even though there was a chance I might not get to do a design A-Level, because I believed I didn’t need a back-up plan.

I only had one university option, even though it wasn’t guaranteed I would be successful at interview.

I went to New Zealand, alone and without enough funds to live on for the entirety of my world tour, not knowing if I could get a job or not.

It’s worked out well so far.

In this case though, I do have a back-up plan, but I hope not to need it.

I know that I am taking the risk of gambling a few years of my life to become the thing I really want to be, rather than take the safe option and apply for graduate design jobs.

The safe option doesn’t appeal to me in this case.

If I took the safe option, I would have a job in design, with money coming in so I could travel and buy things and enjoy my life. But I’d always wonder what might have happened if I had chased my dream.

I really want to chase my dream, even if it doesn’t work out, because I know I can do it and even if the way of the world means I fail to create a company that functions, I won’t have failed myself.

Getting a bit over-emotional now, eh?

I understand people’s concern, but I have a plan and it’s my life to lead and take the risks I want to take regardless of the outcome. While I’m young and optimistic, I’m going to try this out – and I am excited.

So less of the worried looks please.

Edit: I wrote this one when I was in a bit of a mood – please no-one take it that I don’t think you are being supportive! I appreciate everyone’s concern – I’m glad you care about what I do and I know that you are all behind me whether this works out or not. I’m just saying “Don’t worry, I have a plan.” 🙂


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