My Dinner Lady Life

Since returning to the UK from my world tour, I have started a new job. I am now a dinner lady!

I had spent all my money on my travels – with literally £100 to my name on returning home. Luckily, I have parents who won’t charge me rent I can’t afford, but I needed a job to get me started on an income.

We all know that graduate jobs are intensely annoying to get hold of, so I took my old job as a general assistant in a cafe back. Shortly after this, the same catering company had an opening for a full time job at another site – a sixth form college – as a general assistant in the kitchens there.

It’s actually not a bad job at all. I get living wage, a half hour lunch break, all the school holidays off and no evenings or weekends.

I actually like the work too. I get to prepare food, which is quite enjoyable for a practical person. I really enjoy making coffee too.

Despite being “only” a general assistant, I am now in charge of some of the paperwork and I end up being people’s go to when they need a question answered and the manager isn’t available.

It’s like being a supervisor, but I’m not.

The other staff are great too – super friendly and very hardworking. They make my day fun! My fave staff member is one of the newest – my lovely bestie Sam, who I have known for a whole seven years! She, like me, needed a fast income post-uni. It is lovely to work with her, but occasionally distracting – my lunch half an hour, if shared with her, tends to stretch towards 45mins (oops!).

I doubt that this job will take me anywhere career-wise and I doubt I’ll stay for longer than a year, but it is quite fulfilling, despite the early mornings, hideous uniform and annoying teenagers everywhere. I am hoping I can at least be made supervisor before I leave.

Mainly, I want to start my own interior design business, a project that I have started working on. This job gives me time to work on that and money to live on before my company makes any of its own.

Hopefully, my plan for my company will work, but for now, roll on the sandwich making.

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