Interior Designs: Art Deco Bedroon

Back in August, I designed an art deco style update for a bedroom. The design was approved by the client and implemented.

The reason for an update was that room had not been decorated for fourteen years and had become a bit tired and uninspiring. However, the light in the room is good and there is a lovely old fireplace that is a focal point of the room.


This design was created with a very low budget in mind, but almost all of the existing furnishings kept – so basically a repaint with one or two new accessories and one new piece of furniture.

The initial designs were bold and had a strong influence of the art deco style, without going overboard and making it an overdone theme.

It is always annoying when a theme is overly packed into a room without any measure of restraint. A nautical theme could include an anchor motif, or a boat-shelf or bold blue and white stripes, but throwing every piece of driftwood and rope and every seashell at a room, no matter how nice individual pieces are, in my mind makes it look a bit tacky. Which may be what you’re going for, but that is most often not the case.

In most cases, I try to only suggest the theme.

Design Proposal
The initial scheme

Most of the furniture has been kept, just a built-in shelving unit that was in the left hand corner has been removed. The fireplace has been refreshed and the walls repainted and papered.

The majority of the room is a golden yellow colour, moving away from the cold pastels of the previous scheme. This back wall is now the main feature of the room as it is the one most often viewed as you walk in. The dark green creates a richness and ties in with the blue and green plate on the fireplace wall as well as an existing blue and green lampshade. The wallpaper, in an art deco style pattern, highlights the fireplace as a central feature of the room and adds texture to the scheme.

New bedside lamps, with large brass bases are added, as well as geometric shelving and glossy blue curtains. The picture rail and skirting board will also be painted blue to tie the scheme together.

Sample board
Sample board

The implementation of the design was carried out over several days, with a few changes to the design as we went on. The original yellow was changed with a more golden one on viewing samples in the room.

The lamps chosen were too large for a bedside setting, so others were found which actually fitted the scheme more closely – they have more interesting shades, with coloured glass and more ornate bases, although still in a brass finish.

The shelves I designed were not quite right for the clients’ needs as they wouldn’t store enough, so alternative shelving was found. The offsets on the design and the way you could see through certain parts to the green wall was desirable along with the increased storage space.

I was very happy with the finished product.


The clients, who had been away on holiday while the work was being done, were very happy with the finished product and the difference that the changes made. The room felt warmer, bolder and more luxurious.

Even small budget rooms can look unique and special once given an interior design makeover. Everyone should feel delighted by, and at home in their living spaces, even those of us with less to spend.

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