The word homecoming always makes me think of American TV shows set in high schools or the song by Green Day.

I actually looked up the lyrics to that song just now to see if they were relevant to how I felt about returning to fair Birmingham, UK after sixth months of exploring the world. They mostly weren’t.

I did mean to write this blog within a week or two of returning home, but because I still had a month’s worth of Canada blogs and two week’s worth of USA blogs to write and a life to live, I have only gotten around to it now, three months later.

It’s been great being back. I have caught up with most of my beautiful friends. My bestie who I have known for more than half my life, Laura, even met me at the airport on the day I got back to Brum. I missed them so much when I was away, but they kept cheering me on throughout the whole process of me being away, which I really needed at times, given that the lone world tour wasn’t entirely planned, funded or expected.

I have loved being back in my own bed again. Bed is the best place in the world. Trust me, I know.

It sounds cliche to say that the time away was life-changing. But I would be lying if I said it wasn’t. How can seeing so much and experiencing so much not be?

Mainly, it has given me more confidence.

This probably sounds crazy to those who know me well, given that I don’t have a reputation for being humble. But travelling the world on my own has made me feel like there is nothing I can’t attempt, even if it seems crazy. It has taught me that living outside my comfort zone is worth doing and has made me want to do it more.

Before I left New Zealand, one of my friends there told me that within a couple of weeks of being home I would want to leave again.

I love travelling and I definitely want to go again. I want to see parts of Asia, tour Australia, do a South American tour, go on safari in South Africa and visit more of Europe. But for me, life isn’t about travelling. Life is about building something in one place that I can be proud of and call home, so that when I go out to see the world, I have somewhere I can come home to bed at the end of the day.

That’s what I am attempting to do now, build my situation. I hope it works!

It was such a privilege to see so much of the planet, to fly so high. Now I am back at ground level, I am excited to see where life takes me next, even if I don’t go far physically. My adventures haven’t ended because I have returned from the world tour.

The world is still ahead. There are still many paths to tread…

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