Leavin’ Levin (and New Zealand)

My time on the farm has come to an end. I am currently in Auckland airport awaiting my flight away from New Zealand.

Since I first arrived at this airport in January, I have had a lot of adventures. I have done things I never thought about and things I never thought I would. I made new friends. I jumped out of a plane. I planted millions of broccolis.

I will certainly miss this beautiful country and it’s friendly residents. I will miss the landscapes and the openness. I think that being here has opened my eyes to a lot of things that I wouldn’t have seen at home.

On the flight to Auckland from home, I kept thinking “What am I doing?”. Now I know that what I was doing was exploring the world and learning more about myself. It was a good decision, even though I wasn’t fully ready for it.

Since leaving my farm life in Levin, I took a night bus to Auckland and spent my last few days in New Zealand getting reay to leave. Apart from last night.

Last night, I saw Green Day again (the second time). I have to say that it was fantastic. I was right near the front, with various band members maybe two metres away at certain points. They played a lot of songs from the new album as well as lots from American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown and the older albums. They played some oldies that I didn’t expect – “She” from the Dookie album, “2000 Light Years Away” from Kerplunk and also their cover of “Knowledge” by Operation Ivy, during which Billie Joe got a very lucky girl named Sarah to play and GAVE HER THE GUITAR.

As much as I wanted to go on stage, it was phenomenal just to be part of that crowd and stand so near the front! Another night to never forget!

So now I am waiting to go to my gate and fly off to Samoa. Here will be at least one blog about this, but maybe not until after I get back.

So for now, I will say bye bye to New Zealand – I will be back again someday!