Farm Life: Perks and Pains

I have been working at Woodhaven for three weeks now and I am slowly getting used to the long week and the work I have to do.

As with any job, there are things I enjoy about it and things I don’t enjoy so much. For example: I like getting paid, but I don’t like getting up.

Apart from the obvious ones above, I have a few main perks and pains that can make or break my day.

Perk 1: Free Vegetables

Massive cabbage

As someone who really loves food, especially free food, this is probably the best perk of working here.

They keep boxes of vegetables near the pack house for employees to take of they want.

I have had many free courgettes, some leeks, a large beetroot, heads of broccoli, a lettuce and a massive cabbage so far!

Perk 2: Driving

In the driving seat

To many people, this may be considered a pain or just a neutral fact. I only passed my driving test in December, so driving is still a super-fun novelty.

There are these little 4×4 cars that everyone uses at work (they are Daihatsu Terioses) to get from the main yard out to the fields and also around the fields.

I have been driving around in the fields which is so much fun, although automatic cars are weird! It’s gone pretty well, apart from when I accidentally ran over maybe 20 broccoli plants (don’t tell my supervisor)!

Outside of work, my weirdo room mates let me borrow their car to go to the shops, which was exciting!

It’s been good to practice driving again as I will need to do it a lot in Canada!

Perk 3: Beautiful New Zealand

There are lots of pretty cows

As I have established through my blogs, New Zealand is essentially my new best friend.

Even in Levin, which is not a touristy area, the landscape is stunning! From the field we are working in I can see beautiful hills, cows, sheep and even a little slice of the sea!

Working outside in this lovely landscape is a massive bonus, especially when the weather is good!

Pain 1: Rain

Moody cloudy cows

Rain makes me sad. This is mainly because we can’t plant. So this means either patching in the rain, spinach in the rain or pack house.

Originally. I had no waterproof trousers, so working in the rain meant very wet legs and feet as the rain ran down my legs, into my wellies!

Pain 2: pack house

Something you won’t see ALL DAY in the pack house

Sometimes, when it rained, I have been put into the pack house. The pack house is no-one’s favourite. Some of the girls even get “packhouse anxiety” if they think they will be sent there.

The pack house work is very boring and repetitive, but that’s not the main problem. It is very wet in there because everything is washed down with pressure hoses and despite big aprons you find yourself getting damp.

The main problem for me is the lack of sunlight. There are no windows and so it is quite depressing compared to being out in the beautiful sunny landscape.

Pain 3: Pain

Personal pain map!

Physical ouchy pain.

Farm work requires a lot of physical effort: bending, carrying things, ripping tiny seedlings out of trays…

It isn’t surprising that, after a while, you begin to hurt. My hands are blistered and cut, my back, legs and arms ache and my body is very tired!

Despite all of these pains, I am very happy to be working and meeting new people (although I have yet to decide if some of them are perks or pains – looking at you Landia ;)).



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