Hello Vienna!

31st July – 2nd August

We took the train from Bratislava taking about an hour.

We stayed at yet another wombats – The Lounge. As we had stayed in another Wombats we got a free breakfast – turns out you get rewards for visiting multiple hostels in the chain. Although reasonably far from the centre of Vienna, it was right next to Westbahnhof. It cost £19.23 per person per night for a six bed mixed dorm.

It was a medium sized room with three bunk beds, a table and chairs and an ensuite. The lockers were once again operated by the room keys. The windows were high so there wasn’t really a view. Downstairs there was a loungish area, a bar and a cafeteria where breakfast was served.

Day 1:
We arrived late to a huge downpour. After grabbing some McDonalds (they are everywhere – great if you just need some quick food), we ran to the hostel and checked in.

Day 2:
We woke up fairly late, had our free breakfast and headed out to see the sights of Vienna. It was colder that day, with sunny intervals. We got a train to the centre of Vienna and wandered through the Stadtpark which is very pretty and has a golden statue of Johann Strauss.

Johann Strauss

From there we walked on past the Konzerthaus, the Hochstrahlbrunnen and went on to Karlskirche, a magnificent Baroque cathedral where we sat for a while to get our bearings before heading on to the famous Naschmarkt. Naschmarkt is the largest urban market in Vienna and sells many different kinds of food as well as souvenirs. We bought some fruit and drinks at the market before heading on to the museum quarter to find somewhere to sit.

We ended up in Maria Theresien Platz, which is between the Natural History museum and the Art History museum. We ate our lunch and enjoyed our surroundings. Sadly, Becky then got stung by a bee! We recovered from the incident and walked on to the Volksgarten, which boasts a fantastic rose garden with each plant dedicated to a different person. We also saw the City Hall which is just opposite the garden.


We walked into the centre of Vienna to see St Stephen’s Cathedral before taking the train out to Schloss Schonbrunn – a beautiful yellow palace that reminded Emily of Versailles. After sleepily walking around the gardens for a while, we headed out to the front to meet Hayley’s friend Robin, who currently lives in Vienna (though she has lived all over the place). After some meandering about, we found her and were driven to Robin’s house, where we spent the evening having dinner, chatting and petting her dog, Sam, who is such a cutie.

Day 3:
We got up and checked out then left our bags in the luggage room and headed out to see the Hundertwasserhaus, which was designed to be in harmony with nature, meaning that it has a green roof and organic structure. I would have loved to have gone in, but we didn’t have time, but directly over the road is the Hundertwasser village which is made up of shops and cafes and has very decorative toilets!

The last part of our adventures in Vienna was going to the Prater amusement park (which is expensive, but would be fun to visit properly) and going on the Giant Ferris Wheel, which gives you unparalleled views of the city. We then has some lunch in the restaurant next door, Cafe Riesenrad, where I had a tuna salad and a beer. We also had Sachertorte there which is traditional and tasty. After that, we collected our bags from the hostel and got on the train to Ljubljana.

Tips for Vienna:
– Go for at least three full days.
– Go to the Naschmarkt for lunch, there are so many different foods to choose from.
– Visit the Hundertwasserhaus, it is remarkable and unusual – must see!
– If you like museums, Vienna has many which are highly regarded.
– Schonbrunn is lovely if you have the time, we just wandered around the gardens, but it would have been interesting to go inside.
– Eat Sachertorte – it is a traditional Viennese chocolate cake.

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